•  All about beer, Empirical Brewery, Chicago
  • ’25 years to nowhere,’ Study of a North American artist, Dubai
  • For people who wear socks, Group show at Tennessee Museum of Modern Art


  • ‘what the hell?’  A retrospective of work done 2004 – 2014 at Domenico Annigoni Galleria, Italy
  • Intermediate Sanctions Group Show, with D. aBarged in the freshly rehabbed Return Street Gallery, Los Angeles
  • ‘there are problems’  with T-Bail Gnowman and Joyce-Joyce, New York Museum of Fairly Modern Art
  • Quintessential March, solo show at Honduran Bigshot, Chicago


  • F-Yah Magazine, cover and illustrations for an article on the Flat Earth Society
  • Amazing Times Ahead, group show at SeveNdays, London
  • Decreed, Derailed, Devoted, group show at Judith Perry, New York




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